Ovis Keeper of Books


“Welcome Adventurers! My name is Ovis… Keeper of Books… Ovis Keeper of Books? Renowned researcher? You don’t recall a statue or a… Well, it makes sense. The Chamber is very busy with affairs of Prophecy. I’m sure they’ve just been busy.”

Ovis is distinguished looking Lisardfolk with Emerald scales and a pair of spectacles that snap onto his nose any time a piece of parchment needs a good reading. His eyes are full of curiosity, but sag from his regular and chronically late nights in the library.

His home-made achademic robes are impressively adorned with sapphires and emeralds and always clean. He speaks in a wobbly and energetic tone, especially when talking about his research.


Ovis is a librarian. He has been since birth and, living in one of the most remote places in Khorvaire, he has been in a constant battle for knowledge since birth. He has managed to maintain written correspondence and

He was thrilled when Barbecue Mesquite (Barrbec Mess-quit) came to Haka’torvak and brought his piles and piles of anthologies of accomplished prophecies and astrophysical maps. He was a little less so when he was only allowed to touch the ones on orrery maintenance and alchemic disposal procedures, but it was still a dream.

On the day of morning, he was out picking up new flasks when Haka’torvak began to shake violently. Despite the 5th rule of Barbecue’s Orrery, “only enter when summoned”, Ovis ran into the orrery, and found something putrid growing out of the ground. As the shell of Onbu shook anew, he saw the festering mound of menacing greenery bubble out and bump against an invisible container. He could see teeth and scales flashing beneath the dying plant matter as it collided and pushed against the unseen barrier. He now knows that that barrier was Onbu’s push back against this otherworldly being.

In the orrery, a few lines of prophecy they had recently obtained have directed their efforts to free Barbecue and restore Onbu. And so they have been documenting their attempts to accomplish the prophecy for the last 3 years.

Ovis Keeper of Books

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