Kaius ir'Wynarn III


“I am incapable of being any less interested in your complaints and petty politics. Show me your loyalty or show me your arms. I do not have the time to explain my machinations to you and you wouldn’t have the capacity to understand them if I did.”

Kaius is just under 6ft tall with bright eyes and long, wispy hair. There is an intensity in stare that is just short of requiring a constitution check from it’s target. He has a lean and strong build and is usually seen wearing his regal armor, though is not uncommonly seen wearing other official vestments of cloth that is always clean and pressed.

Kaius III is arrogant and capable. He became king of Karrnath through political machinations and outwitted his own father while seizing control of Karrnath’s military. He has a brilliant tactical mind and is rumored to be the most powerful necromancer in all of Karrnath.


Kaius’s fortress is found in Koth, the capitol of Karrnath. It’s an expansive estate with several acres of the Nightwood. Few are permitted within its walls and even fewer are permitted to leave. Kaius does come and go periodically as he attends to matters of state across Khorvaire.


Kaius ir'Wynarn III

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