Barbecue Mesquite (Barrbec Mess-quit)


“Ah! Weary travelers! As foretold!! But tell me truly, does one of you have an odd number of digits? No? Perhaps an unusual color of stool this morning?”

When the Party last saw Barrbec, he looked like a massive decaying dragon covered in chaotic plant growth. his wings look like they have been patched with moss and slime and his eye sockets have been covered in thorns and snapping, sharp-toothed plants.


The people of Haka’Torvhak knew little of Barrbec due to his reclusive existence. He arrived at Haka’Torvhak 5 years ago, 3 years before the Mourning, and brought with him several trinkets and tools to help them repair their dilapidated city and knowledge, which immediately won Ovis over. Ovis was permitted to enter periodically to bring him food and knowledge from the outside. Ovis spent a lot of time maintaining the orrery, though it was clear that Barrbec saw him as a servant. Barrbec would often become suspicious of Ovis, but Ovis’s natural trust and curiosity meant that their conversations nearly always ended with Barrbec explaining some advanced concept of clairvoyance and telling Ovis to go get him a Fastieth’s left pinky claw or a half moldy piece of fruit that looks like the profile of a famous entertainer which is the final piece of the puzzle to determine which direction he should sleep facing tonight.

On the day of morning, he was out picking up new flasks when Haka’torvak began to shake violently. Despite the 5th rule of Barbecue’s Orrery, “only enter when summoned”, Ovis ran into the orrery, and found something putrid growing out of the ground. As the shell of Onbu shook anew, he saw the festering mound of menacing greenery bubble out and bump against an invisible container. He could see teeth and scales flashing beneath the dying plant matter as it collided and pushed against the unseen barrier. He now knows that that barrier was Onbu’s push back against this otherworldly being. It wasn’t until he heard the demon-dragon’s roar that he realized Barrbec must be trapped within this mass.

Barbecue Mesquite (Barrbec Mess-quit)

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