Grand Panda Goes to Eberron

Session 4

The Subtle Art of Fighting For the Right to Party

Session Summary:

  • Ovis revealed to the Party what had plagued Onbu/Haka’Torvhak <link>
    • The creation of the sphere of Eberron <link>
    • The weakened Bond Lines <link>
    • The Day of Mourning <link>
    • The Draconic Prophecy <link>
  • The Party partied with the Haka’Torvhakians and learned that there is not a lot of contact with the outside world from Haka’Torvhak. Though they keep a few pen pals with the outside world.
  • Ovis has several sending stones, but no spares to send with the party. He did provide them with his PO Box for anything they might need to send him. He also told them that he had several contacts that he could reach out to in order to get in touch with them.
  • The party decided they would go to the likely location of the next weakened Bond Line <link> in Mror Holds <link>
  • The party headed back to New Throne and stayed at Galifar’s Tits. When they arrived, there was a kerfuffle between a raging singer and an unsolicited critic in the audience. After running the scoundrels off, the singer, Barbara the Barbarian Bard took the stage, much to Ford’s delight.
  • In the morning the whole party checked in with the Tharashk guild house to receive their payment and made plans to get onto an airship bound for Mror Holds.
    • Ettie secured passage as the traveling entertainment (gaining 10gp)


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