Grand Panda Goes to Eberron

Session 3

Naughty Naughty Lizards

Session Summary:

  • The Party entered Haka’Torvhak and were met with no resistance.
  • The Party found an amphitheater in the center of town where they could see Lizardfolk milling about and heard a berating voice speaking to an unseen person or group within the amphitheater.
  • Eddie kept hidden while Vash and Peter spoke for the party with some lizardfolk and were then led to the amphitheater where they discovered that the Lizardfolk who had attacked them and kidnapped the miners were being chastised by their leader, Ovis.
  • Ovis apologized profusely and showed the party why these Lizardfolk had become so desperate: inside the central ziggurat was a partially destroyed Orrery that was used by Ovis and Barboc Mesquit and the floor contained an overgrown, but effective shield containing some kind of plant monstrosity (Barboc fused with Avassh).
  • The party was shown a part of the draconic prophecy and used it to heal Haka’Torvhak.
  • They discovered that the whole city was built on the back of a tortoise called Onbu.
  • Eddie became visible and endeared herself to Ovis with flattery.


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