Grand Panda Goes to Eberron

Session 1

Miners, not Minors

Session Summary:

  • Party met their half-orc wagon driver Agrish. He has a mark of finding and can help the party locate the missing people if he is within 1000 feet of one of House Thrashk’s talismans.
  • Party’s path was blocked by a sleeping Ankylosaur. Vash woke it and Peter managed to convince it to leave peacefully.
  • While the party slept, lizardfolk attempted to ambush the party, but Orpheus was alerted to their presence and Ettie managed to quell them into running away.
  • After finding the mine and following the signs of struggle, the party came across a group of lizardfolk planning to kill some miners. They ambushed the lizardfolk and managed to kill all but one who escaped into the woods.
  • Vash was able to pick up that the miners were going to be sacrificed sometime this week and the word Haka’vhortak


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