Grand Panda Goes to Eberron

Major Quest - Repair the Bond Lines

Someone Let the Dragon Out of the Bag

Ovis Keeper of Books <link> has used the Draconic Prophecy <link> to identify the 4 likely places where the Bond Lines have been weakened:

  • Haka’Torvhak/Onbu <link>
    • This was resolved by the Party shortly after meeting Ovis <link>
    • Several days before the Day of Mourning <link>, Barboc Mesquit <link> opened a portal to another plane while alone in his orrery, pinching off the Bond Line in that area. No one was
    • On the Day of Mourning <link>, the Onbu stopped in it’s slow meandering walk and retreated inward physically and magically, shielding itself and keeping the layline partially intact with it’s lifeforce (the shield that the party observed around Barboc and Avassh)
    • The party’s interactions with Onbu in an attempt to fulfill the prophecy gave it enough strength to finish pushing out the interloper and repair the Bond Line.
  • Mirror Lake
    • Ovis identified this as a weakened Bond Line location due to it’s inverse location relative to Sharn.
    • Krona Peak is the closest primary travel hub to the Lake
    • Located in the valley between the Ironroot and Hoarfrost Mountains.


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