Grand Panda Goes to Eberron

Session 6
High above the Plains

As the adventurers began their investigation into the murder that had taken place earlier that night, a scream cut through the crew’s quarters and Dinni, 2nd Stew, came barreling past Ford and Orpheus. After investigating the cause of the stewards fright, Ettie found Peter poking around on the Pilot Deck as Gollybobble directed the airship.

Vash, meanwhile, stayed in his room and tried not to think about the terrifying experience he had in engineering. Suddenly, he heard a comforting voice telling him that “You think I would have let you die?” The voice responded to him at first, but seemed to go silent.

Everyone came together for drinks and the sleuthing commenced. Ford and Peter discovered from the previously terrified Dinni that there was some yelling coming from engineering earlier in the evening and that she heard Torin, the red Dragonborn in first class, had a slew of poisons and what sounded like implements of torture in their checked bag.

Ettie started a conversation with the sister of the deceased Eredur. Her name was Eredanniel and while it was clear she was hiding something about her brother, she did help Ettie to locate his baggage in the cargo hold and found a package of letters and some books. The books ranged in topics from detective novels to technical manuals dealing with animal tracking and history books on Mror Holds and Karnath. There were 3 letters as well, one from Eredanniel accepting his invitation to travel with him to Krona Peak, one that was an official missive from House Orien stating that they are considering his request for assistance and to stop writing and one from his daughter, Eraina, talking about how excited she was to go with him on this trip.

One of the deckhands, Yosner, saw that Vash seemed to be having some trouble and invited him up to the top deck to take in the fresh air and something else that REALLY took the edge off. Through the haze, Vash would remember that he also spoke about Eredanniel, the aunt of the now orphaned Eraina, leaving the ship after boarding and reappearing upon the ship after it set sail, suggesting that she is a magical being who eats people’s souls. His terror temporarily removed, he went and spoke with Kava, the blue/green dragonborn and they hit it off, and Kava insinuated that the only person it could have been was the man sitting next to her and Torin because of the point from which the magical darkness sprang: the back of Eredur’s coat. Though admitted she wasn’t sure where Hannah or Ettie were in relation to the victim.

Orpheus, Ford and Peter waited until all were gone before exploring the bump they had seen in a carpet behind the stairs. Their curiosity was rewarded with a hatch, which Ford easily opened after Peter and Orpheus loosened it. On the other side of the hatch, they could see the stage in first class where Ettie had been playing at the time of the murder.

After a few more hours of darkness, light began to filter from behind the mountains to the East and and announcement went out for Breakfast. Vash anxiously, but coolly waited for Kava to enter first class dinning to stroll up to the top deck together, but Torin exited first. It was like pulling teeth, but he managed to exchange a few words before Torin’s fist filled his vision.

Session 5
Murder on Le Pegase D'Or

The band of hands for hire, Eddie, Orpheus, Ford, Peter, and Vash had finally returned to the first place they met, Galifar’s Tits. After a boisterous night of fighting and singing and other… “entertainment” the members of the rescue party awoke and recovered their wages (15g) from House Thrashk before attempting to secure passage on an airship to traverse the Telenta Plains and reach Krona Peak, where they hoped to ascertain a means of finding and fixing the bondline. Their new friend, Ovis Keeper of Books, promised to send any relevant passages from the Draconic Prophecy he finds to the SkyDock Sending Station in Krona Peak.

Several colorful birds flutter about the bow of the airship, which is floating 30ft above the river bank. You see the crew dressed in blue and white uniforms carrying luggage onto the deck and into the belly of the ship. You see metal buttresses protruding from the stern of the ship on both the top and bottom which hang above and below the deck as well as arms that reach out from the port and starbord sides. (Arcana DC:18 to learn about ShardBox, DC:8 to know it’s an elemental).

On the dock, you see several dozen people making their way up the moving staircase toward the gangplank. Eddie enters the dockhouse and becomes gainfully employed by House Lyrandar as entertainment for the 4 day voyage. As she exits the building and rejoins the party, the whistle calls, indicating it is time for all crew to make their way aboard the ship.

Eddie enters the ship and gets shown to her room after meeting Captain Sandy and First Mate Gollybobble. Vash gains employment as an engineer aboard the ship and is sent off to meet Jeni and Status, the Chief Engineer and her faithful Warforged assistant. Orpheus and Ford purchase coach tickets and are shown to their rooms, but Peter is nowhere to be found.

Orientation took place shortly after departure. Vash, getting valuable work experience and trauma, missed it, but managed to find his way about the ship just the same to make contact with Eddie, who had played her first gig and observed the first class flyers, a vibrant young woman drinking by herself, a young girl traveling with her father and aunt, two dragon born dressed in robes, with one empty table. Hannah served first class and was able to give some helpful pointers and much needed nourishment to Vash in the process.

Orpheus knocked back an almost illegal amount of alcohol while Ford tried to make contact with a traveling band of mimes traveling in coach and pumped iron on deck for a bit while a rambunctious dwarven family ran around on deck.

At dinner, Eddie saw the final passenger, a relatively large middle-aged human who carried a pocketwatch. Vash ran into him as well on the way back to Jeni and observed that the watch he carried was rather cheep before carrying on to a fresh hell in the engineering room. In the middle of dinner, one traveler, the father of the little girl, was so moved by Eddie’s melody that he stood to begin a story, “GENTLEFOLK! I have a grave tale of darkness and fear and a deep conspiracy to protect a monster who would be king…” But just then, a magical darkness enveloped first class dining with the exception of Eddie’s location on stage. There was a cry and a splatter and when the darkness cleared, the man was laid down on the floor with a pool of blood spreading from him.

An alarm was sounded and after a brief quarantine, everyone was sent to their rooms. The little girl, there without her aunt, was taken by Hannah to her room where she kept her company.

Gollybobble was given orders by the Captain to investigate, but not feeling up to the task, he asked Eddie to do some of the initial investigation and report back.

Session 4
The Subtle Art of Fighting For the Right to Party

Session Summary:

  • Ovis revealed to the Party what had plagued Onbu/Haka’Torvhak <link>
    • The creation of the sphere of Eberron <link>
    • The weakened Bond Lines <link>
    • The Day of Mourning <link>
    • The Draconic Prophecy <link>
  • The Party partied with the Haka’Torvhakians and learned that there is not a lot of contact with the outside world from Haka’Torvhak. Though they keep a few pen pals with the outside world.
  • Ovis has several sending stones, but no spares to send with the party. He did provide them with his PO Box for anything they might need to send him. He also told them that he had several contacts that he could reach out to in order to get in touch with them.
  • The party decided they would go to the likely location of the next weakened Bond Line <link> in Mror Holds <link>
  • The party headed back to New Throne and stayed at Galifar’s Tits. When they arrived, there was a kerfuffle between a raging singer and an unsolicited critic in the audience. After running the scoundrels off, the singer, Barbara the Barbarian Bard took the stage, much to Ford’s delight.
  • In the morning the whole party checked in with the Tharashk guild house to receive their payment and made plans to get onto an airship bound for Mror Holds.
    • Ettie secured passage as the traveling entertainment (gaining 10gp)
Major Quest - Repair the Bond Lines
Someone Let the Dragon Out of the Bag

Ovis Keeper of Books <link> has used the Draconic Prophecy <link> to identify the 4 likely places where the Bond Lines have been weakened:

  • Haka’Torvhak/Onbu <link>
    • This was resolved by the Party shortly after meeting Ovis <link>
    • Several days before the Day of Mourning <link>, Barboc Mesquit <link> opened a portal to another plane while alone in his orrery, pinching off the Bond Line in that area. No one was
    • On the Day of Mourning <link>, the Onbu stopped in it’s slow meandering walk and retreated inward physically and magically, shielding itself and keeping the layline partially intact with it’s lifeforce (the shield that the party observed around Barboc and Avassh)
    • The party’s interactions with Onbu in an attempt to fulfill the prophecy gave it enough strength to finish pushing out the interloper and repair the Bond Line.
  • Mirror Lake
    • Ovis identified this as a weakened Bond Line location due to it’s inverse location relative to Sharn.
    • Krona Peak is the closest primary travel hub to the Lake
    • Located in the valley between the Ironroot and Hoarfrost Mountains.
Session 3
Naughty Naughty Lizards

Session Summary:

  • The Party entered Haka’Torvhak and were met with no resistance.
  • The Party found an amphitheater in the center of town where they could see Lizardfolk milling about and heard a berating voice speaking to an unseen person or group within the amphitheater.
  • Eddie kept hidden while Vash and Peter spoke for the party with some lizardfolk and were then led to the amphitheater where they discovered that the Lizardfolk who had attacked them and kidnapped the miners were being chastised by their leader, Ovis.
  • Ovis apologized profusely and showed the party why these Lizardfolk had become so desperate: inside the central ziggurat was a partially destroyed Orrery that was used by Ovis and Barboc Mesquit and the floor contained an overgrown, but effective shield containing some kind of plant monstrosity (Barboc fused with Avassh).
  • The party was shown a part of the draconic prophecy and used it to heal Haka’Torvhak.
  • They discovered that the whole city was built on the back of a tortoise called Onbu.
  • Eddie became visible and endeared herself to Ovis with flattery.
Session 2
Why Escape When We Can Murder

Session Summary:

  • The escaped Lizardfolk ran past Ford and to the city
  • Haka’Torvhak is a city on a hill with a large, but dilapidated wall surrounding it. Several ziggurats stood behind the wall, some crumbling and overgrown, but still structurally sound
  • The Party found Haka’Torvhak and met with Ford, who joined them. But they made such a commotion that Lizardfolk came running out of the city to find them
  • The Party evaded the Lizardfolk, but Orpheus decided to longshot one of them and a fight ensued
  • Agrish was injured, but hid. Ford was badly injured, but survived. With both of the Lizardfolk dispatched, they surveyed the town and found that there were few guards around the gate
Session 1
Miners, not Minors

Session Summary:

  • Party met their half-orc wagon driver Agrish. He has a mark of finding and can help the party locate the missing people if he is within 1000 feet of one of House Thrashk’s talismans.
  • Party’s path was blocked by a sleeping Ankylosaur. Vash woke it and Peter managed to convince it to leave peacefully.
  • While the party slept, lizardfolk attempted to ambush the party, but Orpheus was alerted to their presence and Ettie managed to quell them into running away.
  • After finding the mine and following the signs of struggle, the party came across a group of lizardfolk planning to kill some miners. They ambushed the lizardfolk and managed to kill all but one who escaped into the woods.
  • Vash was able to pick up that the miners were going to be sacrificed sometime this week and the word Haka’vhortak
Quest - Missing Miners of Q'Barra
Miners not Minors

A ragtag band of adventurers have found themselves, by one means or another, in a backalley in Q’Barra’s capitol of Newthrone and under the temporary employ of House Tharashk. The sun beats down heavily on the cobbled streets as the salty, humid air carries the smells and sounds of the fish market from the water’s edge to the alley where you wait for your wagon driver. You were each told to meet him behind a local pub where sailors and merchants frequently congregate.

A half-orc patron stumbles out of the back door of the pub to relieve himself on Galifar’s Tits, as the pub is known. Two twin birds mark the sign hanging over your heads. After shaking off the last drops, the turns and offers his unwashed hand, " Agrish Stoneheart at your service!" His eyes are jovial and his mouth upturned into a conspiratorial grin behind his bushy brown beard, but his other hand waits at his waist where a well-worn whip rests.


The party has been commissioned by House Tharashk to find a group of miners that were sent out on expedition to a new dig site. They received a message of distress late last night through the company’s sending stone and have not been able to make contact since. Agrish is familiar with a talisman that the members of the company carry and would be able to locate them if within 1,000 feet.